Elizabeth is bubbly,
Elizabeth is shy,
Pale face 'neath her curls
And an observant eye.
D'you think she will like us?
If we're lucky she may
But her eyes, two big pools,
They give nothing away.
But wait! She is smiling,
The sun shoots a beam!
And words tumble forth
In a chattering stream.
Her pensiveness over
She roars round the house,
As noisy as Becca -
Not at all like a mouse!
How hard to portray
Are you, small niece of mine,
Your myriad qualities
Complex to define.
A sweet little flower,
A bright shiny star,
A dark cloud, a whirlwind?
Yes, really, you are!
One day when you read this
- Just once in a while -
You'll probably laugh;
Well, I hope you may smile!

by Marie Potter - 11th August 1985